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Clients download the Case Status mobile app, custom branded for your firm with your logo and colors. The app lets clients track the status of their case. Sends updates to clients automatically so they don’t feel the need to call or text.

Teamwork Case Status allows everyone at your firm to work together on a matter. Attorneys, paralegals, and case managers can work seamlessly together across computers and devices.

Messaging With our secure messaging portal, attorneys and paralegals can send encrypted messages from the Attorney web or mobile application to the Case Status IOS and Android application. Consolidate all of your communication to one place so that you and your staff can all keep a consistent log of client communication.

Automation With Case Status, you can automate client communications and updates so that clients never feel as though they are out of the loop. You get less phone calls from current clients, while they feel informed and up-to-date about how you are handling their case.

Firm Insight With an exclusive attorney dashboard view of your cases, staff management tools, and NPS tracking, you know more about your cases than ever before.

Treatment Log & Tracking Don’t ever wonder if your clients are keeping their appointments again. With Case Status, clients and attorneys know exactly where they are in their treatment journey, and what they need to do next.

Reminders & Scheduling Create calendar events for your clients with custom reminders so that they never miss a meeting or treatment. Save time for your firm by making sure your clients know where they are supposed to be.

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