Our 5 Favorite Resources for Practice Management

The business case for staying small can be made in many ways, but what’s even more encouraging is the myriad products, programs, and services readily available that can assist you with your practice management.

Building a Better Online Bio

Many marketing dollars are spent by law firms with the same objective — getting potential clients to their websites. But once your target audience lands on your homepage, how do you convert your page visitors as clients? It may start with a great bio… 

What’s Trending in Legal Technology

The growing transition to the cloud and mobile in the legal industry has coincided with an uptick in the number of virtual law firms worldwide. Fully virtual firms make it easy for attorneys on different coasts, or in different countries, to seamlessly team up on major cases and projects. This not only should help attorneys create a better work-life balance, but also allows firms to trim costs further. In turn, this provides virtual firms the option of cutting their fees, a potential competitive advantage in the marketplace

Maximize Your Online Marketing Budget

Whether you are in a larger firm that requires you to bring in or maintain a particular book of business or are in a smaller “eat what you kill” environment, business development and marketing will continue to be critical throughout your career. However, lawyers practice law and have studied law, so serving as a marketer is often uncomfortable.

Avoid malpractice claims with great communication

The attorney-client relationship is invaluable – insuring that your client knows what you are doing on their behalf and feels as though you are proactively providing information makes them feel valued and well represented. 

15 Law Blogs You Should be Reading

here are a few of our “go-to” gurus and favorite blogs (in no particular order) for up-to-date info on tech and the profession in general

What do you do with a bad online review?

e know that very happy clients are the ones who leave reviews – the clients who are so ecstatic about the service they received they want to share their experience with others. But we also know that those clients who are highly dissatisfied with the service they receive are equally if not more likely to leave an online review to share their experience.

Making the Best of Your Bar Membership

Bar members and leaders have opportunities to garner more visibility by writing for the Bar’s blog or electronic or print publications, or through leading panel discussions and planning educational programs. If you are able to byline an article in your bar’s journal, with reprint permission, you now have a great marketing piece demonstrating your expertise to share with your clients and/or potential clients.

You are on Social Media, Now How Do You Engage?

Without a doubt, it is a good business practice for your firm to have a social media presence. In today’sday and age, social media is where your client base and potential client base are spending their timeonline, regardless of your practice type.

Top 3 Things Clients Want from Their Lawyer

there is adequate data available to show us what it is that clients really want from their lawyers, and it is incumbent upon us, as attorneys, to make sure that we are providing what’s needed to not only win their case, but also to win their trust.