Why Case Status?

Custom Branded App

Clients download the Case Status mobile app, custom branded for your firm with your logo and colors. Your clients, your app. Have your firm live on your client's phones. learn more


You can automate client communications and updates so that clients never feel as though they are out of the loop. You get less phone calls from current clients, while they feel informed and up-to-date about how you are handling their case. learn more

Mass Messaging

Do you need to send messages to a number of clients on one case? Or members of a class? Or just wish every client Happy Holidays? It can be done with one click in Case Status.


With our secure messaging portal, attorneys and paralegals can send encrypted messages from the Attorney web or mobile application to the Case Status IOS and Android application. learn more

Document Exchange

Allow your clients to securely exchange messages with your firm. The ability to quickly and easily exchange documents with clients, greatly reduces the length of cases.

Communication Analytics

Track response time from your staff and see a live feed of all communications inside your law firm. Stay on top of all communications inside your law firm.

One-Click Referrals

The best source of new clients is your current and old clients. Case Status provides your firm an instantaneous method for clients to review your firm at the end of their case. And your clients can refer friends and family to your law firm within the app with just a touch of a button. learn more

Secure Messaging

We know that keeping clients informed and ensuring secure communications to maintain attorney-client privilege is of the upmost importance to our customers. Case Status is the easiest and safest way for your law firm to message with clients. 

Bar Complaint Mitigation

Lawyers have a professional responsibility to exercise reasonable of client communications. Case Status ensures that you can manage every aspect of client messaging, protecting you from bar complaints. learn more

Internal Firm Collaboration

Case Status allows everyone at your firm to work together on a matter. Attorneys, paralegals, and case managers can work seamlessly together across computers and devices. 

Treatment Logging

Don’t ever wonder if your clients are keeping their appointments again. With Case Status, clients and attorneys know exactly where they are in their treatment journey, and what they need to do next. 

Client Facing Checklists

Don't leave your clients confused on what to do next. Our checklist system lets you assign task to clients, and get real time updates as they complete them.  

Staff Insights

Are you touching base with your clients regularly? Do you know the response time of your staff? Case Status ensures that you always know what is happening within any case from a central management dashboard. And with our NPS system, you will always know how your clients feel about your firm.


Use the E-Sign tool natively included with Case Status, allowing your clients to sign and return documents from their phone, without having to login to email or go to another application.

Forever Marketing

Your firm's name, number, & brand can live on all your client's phones forever. Even after their case is done, you can continue to send them marketing communications. learn more

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