Leading Mobile Client Portal & Messaging Platform for Law Firms

The easiest and most secure way to update clients and automate communication through a firm-branded mobile app and text messaging.

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Leading Mobile Client Portal & Messaging Platform for Law Firms

The easiest and most secure way to update clients and automate communication through a firm-branded mobile app and text messaging.


Empower your clients with case information while you focus on high-priority tasks and communication. If your bank can do it, why can't you?

Your Clients, Your App

Today, your clients have access to real-time information about their bank account, Amazon deliveries, and even their Dominos pizza. Case Status equips clients with a firm-branded mobile app that provides a real-time case status on their case, cutting down on 50% or more of updates and inbound calls.

Calculate how much your firm spends on client communication that can be automated or eliminated through Case Status.

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How Does it Work?

Case Status provides a complete platform for efficiently managing and engaging clients that is can be automated and easy-to-use.


Send Client Invites

Invite clients via a text message. Clients download the Case Status app, branded with your logo and colors, and have instant access to what is going on in their case, decreasing inbound calls and questions about their case.

For every 100 clients who download the app, only 7 reach out. On average, a plaintiff's firm will see a 70% client adoption to the mobile app, with the remaining clients opting to communicate via text message.


Automate Your Process

Equip your staff with practice-specific tools that enable your firm to handle more cases through sending and receiving documents, assigning tasks, mass messaging, appointment reminders, and more. Learn more


Track Client Happiness

Case Status automatically asks clients for feedback throughout the case, giving staff insight on which clients to prioritize. When you know which clients are unsatisfied, you can do something about it. Learn more

An average Case Status firm has a 71 NPS Score vs the industry average of 42


Grow Your Firm

By tracking client satisfaction, your firm takes the guesswork out of how to grow. You can easily identify which clients will leave you positive reviews and referrals, driving an increase in inbound business. Learn More

99 out of 100 Google Reviews collected from clients through Case Status are 5-Stars.


Mass Messaging & Reporting

Engage with your entire client base through push notifications and text messages. Many firms send out videos and blog content to current and past clients. Track your firms' progress and effectiveness in client management.


Case Status is a stand-alone platform designed for client communication and management. But it also connects to tools you already use to manage your practice, allowing Case Status to be your client control center.


Kaylen Steele

Firm Admin, Ghitterman, Ghitterman, & Feld

The number of times clients contact us, as well as the amount of time spent communicating, went down. Instead of giving clients updates, we're moving cases forwards.- Kaylen Steele, Firm Admin, Ghiterman, Ghitterman, & Feld

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Wendy Mejia

Director of Ops, Century Park Law Group

I would say one of the biggest goals that we have is growth. Just like any other business, we want to grow. We want to have more clients. The more clients that we have the more revenue. So reviews are really important for us, and Case Status has made getting reviews a lot easier.

Blade Thompson

Principal, Blade Thompson Injury Law

So you're just messaging a client through the app. It's super easy. Or you're like me. You're just sitting at home during the quarantine of COVID-19, and so you're deciding, okay, I'm going to manage them off my laptop.

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