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Case Status helps busy attorneys close more cases while helping provide a better client experience. Our cloud-based solution saves you time, automates workflow, and helps you capture referrals and reviews from your best clients.

Case Status solves these problems

Through the client mobile app, Case Status gives your clients access to the updates and information they need.

1. Real-Time Status Updates

Clients can view the status of their cases in real-time, they can see when their cases were last updated, and they can easily determine how far along they are in the process.

2. A Roadmap of the Process

Set expectations up front by giving clients transparency into the roadmap of their case. Help clients understand what to expect as their case progresses, right in the app.

3. Quick & Easy Messaging

Case Status allows quick messaging back and forth between attorneys and clients through the app. This creates an efficient communication platform and allows clients to feel more connected to their attorneys.

In Working Together

27% Increase in Cases

Attorneys across the world are handling cases faster and more efficiently.

24% Reduction in Calls

Reduce client calls by providing a better client experience with real-time updates.

3.5x Return on Investment

Firms using our product are seeing a significant increase in referrals and google reviews.

Calculate Efficiency Savings

Estimated Additional Fees Per Month

Not a Practice Management tool

Give clients consistent updates on their case with our client engagement portal. With Case Status, automate your workflow and delight customers with a feeling of transparency and access to you, while you spend less time answering phone calls and emails.

Integrate with tools you already use

and more!

Grow Your Firm

Built-in referral channel

Clients can refer their attorney through the app with a click of a button. 

Increase Google Reviews

Attorneys can even request Google Reviews from their best clients.

Made by attorneys, for attorneys

Case Status was created by a team of attorneys to specifically solve personal pain points experienced during years of practicing law. Case Status improves attorney/client relationships, it saves attorneys time and promotes referrals, and it brings solace to clients during a difficult time in their lives. In other words, Case Status improves the quality of life for attorneys and their clients.

We’d love to answer any questions you have about Case Status. You can reach us at or (+1) 800-429-4968. We look forward to hearing from you!
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